Snow Removal in Columbia Falls And Whitefish


Parking Lots Driveways and Sidewalk Salting

Salting Parking Lots, Driveways and Sidewalks

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TJ Ward. Pro is now offering residential and commercial snow removal by means of snow plowing, snow blowing, snow shoveling and salt spreading in Columbia Falls and Whitefish Montana. We usually experience  heavy snow fall each year. This can turn your home into a winter-wonderland for sure but with heavy snow comes some hard-work and back-breaking heavy lifting. Do you have your snow removal for this season booked yet?  Home owners and businesses prefer to sign a contract with a company that provides snow removal throughout the winter season, ensuring there property will be taken care of all season long. Taking care of your property includes snow removal, I also offer many more customized service to meet your particular needs. Early booking will save you money and relieve stress giving you peace of mind knowing your property is going to be taken care of each and every snow fall.

Hi, I’m TJ Ward and I’m here to help you keep the heavy lifting off your back. As always, all my services are designed to reduce stress and save you time to do the more important and fun things you like and rather do! I am now offering snow removal management in Columbia Falls and Whitefish Montana. With my brand-new equipment, both Boss V snow plow and snow blower I’m ready to keep your Driveways, Parking lots and Sidewalks clear all winter long.

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Snow removal accounts are serviced in the in the order they are booked for the season.

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Priority Booking

Just so you know and in all fairness to my client’s priority booking for plowing services and in order of first, second and third call for plowing service for each snow removal event, is in order of agreements entered.

Early-Bird Pricing

To lock in early pricing the seasonal rate prior to the first 6″ snow fall or Dec 01.

Rates For Snow Removal and Salting

  • Plowing (Seasonal Agreement) with minimal hand work is $85 p/hr with $55 minimum for first 40 minutes, up to 11/30/18 or the 1st 6″ of snow what ever comes first
  • Plowing after Dec. 1st or Call as needed is a flat rate of $85 p/hr 1 hour minimum (non-negotiable)
  • Snow blowing 2 car driveway 2 car deep $45
  • Snow blowing side walks up to 40 feet long + $15 (negotiable)
  • Salting by hand or spreader $35 per bag (negotiable)


Monthly Billing

Monthly billing and all major payments are accepted. Cash discount of 5% is also an option.

Customer Service

Rate do vary as some will include snow blower of walkways and some will not. I will clean up tight spots where the plow dose not get in to by hand. So I’m not just one of the guys who just wants to stay in the truck and plow. Call me today or at least before Dec. 01. Lock in your price, plowing order and have peace of mind and glad the you called.


Winter is just around the corner, and along with it, comes a ton of snow, sleet and slush. If you’re not in front of hiring a professional snow removal company this season, you just might be left out in the cold with a shovel in your hand.  Burrr and you probibly find it stressful if you wait to the last minute to have your snow removal for your property in the hand with someone you can depend to have your property maintained through out the snow removal season.


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