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Snow Removal and Salting in Columbia Falls and Whitefish

It’s not to late to save money on your snow removal and salting (if needed). My Price will increase after the first six in of snow fall. Hope you are one of the people that wants to plan ahead. If you do I’ll give you a good deal! Who doesn’t want a good deal when it come to Snow removal? Remember good deals go fast. I get it life is busy, Thanksgiving just came and went, hope you had an enjoyable time, BTW. With Christmas is just around the corner, well you and i get it, life’s busy, period. If we do not make the time for proper scheduling, booking for maintenance on or home, heck are cars or how ’bout our bodies, yup you get it we are going to run into a chronic issue and that may be very costly.

So what to do about that? Well it’s very simple as far as snow removal and I promise you won’t even have to pick up a shovel because I’ll do that for you! If you take less then 2 minutes right now and call me to have me come out and give you a free quote on your snow removal needs this season and we will make a clear agreement that you’ll be satisfied with. You’ll be free to do what ever you like knowing that when it snows you won’t be scrambling to find someone to help you out. Take action now, you know you will be glad you did. Snow Kidding! (Pun)

Rates For Snow Removal and Salting

  • Plowing (Seasonal Agreement) with minimal hand work is $85 p/hr with $55 minimum for first 40 minutes, up to 11/30/18 or the 1st 6″ of snow what ever comes first
  • Plowing after Dec. 1st or Call as needed is a flat rate of $85 p/hr 1 hour minimum (non-negotiable)
  • Snow blowing 2 car driveway 2 car deep $45
  • Snow blowing side walks up to 40 feet long + $15 (negotiable)
  • Salting by hand or spreader $35 per bag (negotiable)

Don’t Get Left Out In The Cold

Winter is just around the corner, and along with it, comes a ton of snow, sleet and slush. If you’re not in front of hiring a professional snow removal company this season, you just might be left out in the cold with a shovel in your hand.  Burrr and you probibly find it stressful if you wait to the last minute to have your snow removal for your property in the hand with someone you can depend to have your property maintained through out the snow removal season.

Book Your Snow Removal and or Salting before Dec, 01