Door Repairs

Door jamb repairs are the most common issues I get calls for my handyman services. Your doors are made with multiple moving parts and your home will tend to settle over time and you’ll need a handyman for repairs from time to time. No matter if it’s an entry door, bedroom door, pocket door, folding door or patio sliding door, Look at the issues listed below and let me know if I can help you with your door repairs. Hi I’m TJ Ward a handyman in Columbia Falls and the Whitefish area. I’m the”Small Job Specialist. Let’s look at some common Door Issues.Handyman in Columbia Falls and Whitefish MT

Door frame repair

The most type of calls I get are for to repair door frame kicked in. Next is an exterior door frame repair like replace rotting door frame and door hinge adjustments. I also do a lot of weather seals replacing, usually on my recommendation.

Door won’t close:

This is caused by a house settling over time. Settling is caused when the wood that your home is built from dries. As wood is alive, even nailed down, it expands and contracts and can warp slightly. This is a natural process and happens with every wood framed built home. Regrettably, it can bend the frame of the door keeping the door from shutting properly. When this happens on an exterior door the weather seals don’t make contact and you may start to experience a draft and heat or A/C loss. Energy efficiency is lost and you’d really doing the environment a favor by having the door fixed or installing a new, more insulated door.

Door not latching:

This issue is caused by either worn hardware or settling in the home, both in some cases. This is a very easy repair for a knowledgeable pro and can usually be done in less than an hour. This issue is commonly seen on sliding patio doors due to the nature of the locking mechanism.

Patio door difficult to slide:

Issues usually worn out rollers, a worn track, a poor door install, or I’ve seen as simple as dirt buildup on the track. If your patio door is more difficult to move than it used to be, you’re needing in some TLC. Don’t worry, it can be fixed in most cases.

Deadbolt won’t latch:

Again is another issue that usually is caused by settling in your home. This is relatively easy repair for an experienced pro and can, in most cases be repaired in less than an hour. Sometimes there is no frame adjustment required. Adjustments of the strike plate can solve this issue in many situations.

Outdated or beyond repair doors:

Older homes can benefit highly with the installation of doors if you are looking to update your home. The best part is that the newer doors are typically built much better in terms of energy efficiency. Also, if installed correctly, can be installed to save even more money on the power bill. By sealing around the perimeter of the door with expanding foam, you can eliminate heat loss through the frame of the door.
No matter what the problem is that you’re experiencing with your doors, “The Small Jo Specialist” TJ Ward, that’s me btw. I love doing these door repairs for my clients like you.
Call me now to schedule your door repairs. Mention you found me online and I’ll take $10 off your first service.


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