Area of Service Rates Licencing

Area Service Srevice Area TJ Ward

As of June 01, 2018 I will be servicing the Whitefish, Columbia Falls area. Also the surrounding Flathead County area on a case by case basis. Trip charge may apply.

​Free Estimates

Text/Phone/Email Consultation- Based on much simpler tasks and verbal estimations.  Always Free. I do my best to give you an accurate cost based on the discussed scope of work. I will work as hard as i can to keep within that estimate. Sometimes however, projects take more time than anticipated and unforeseen aspects come up now and then. That’s  why I provide only estimates not quotes. I will communicate with you any issues, if they arise. As always, I will have your best interest in mind  to determine the best result, and alert you of any price changes.Contact me for your Free Estimate

Site Visits and Consultations

For larger remodels and improvement projects a flat fee of  $145. Includes all Measurements and notes will be taken; cost and feasibility will be discussed, and a detailed estimate provided to fit your budget range.  My clients have found this service highly valuable as my professional experience usually ends up saving them much more money and potential errors.

Licencing and Insurance

I am registered with Secretary Of State of Montana with the assumed name “TJ Ward” and with licences from The City of Whitefish and Columbia Falls. I carry General Liability insurance and can add you as additionally insured if requested.

Residential Rates

  • $72.50/hr for one Specialist (2) hour minimum*
  • $122.50/hr for 1 Specialist and Support Specialist (2) hour minimum*
  • $105.00/hr for 1 Specialist and helper (2) hour minimum*

Commercial Rates

  • $85 /hr One service tech multi-tradesmen.(2) hour minimum.*
  • I’m Not a licences Plumber or Electrician. If you need on I can recommend.
  • $140.50/hr for 1 Specialist and Support Specialist (2) hour minimum*
  • $122.50/hr for 1 Specialist and helper (2) hour minimum*

* I have a 2 Hour minimum charge for all service calls.  Depending on the scope discussed and confirmed on approval, one or two Specialists will be come to your home.  Heavier items or awkward installations will be a deciding factor.  Its best to maximize your time by making a list of items that you believe will fit into the two hour minimum.


Call  406-478-6555